Double Stroller Review

double stroller review
Twin stroller help – please anyone?

I am looking for an inline double stroller that can take two chicco car seats (Keyfit 30 to be exact). I have yet to find a stroller that takes these car seats. Can anyone recommend a good stroller? We have checked out the BabyTrend Double Snap’nGo (which doesn’t take chicco) and the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller and I am not sure if this takes the chicco car seats and some of the reviews on babie’s r us website about this stroller weren’t good (and it is a very heavy stroller). We definitely want the chicco car seats – so we need to find a good stroller for them. Can anyone help? I am getting really frustrated in my stroller search.

hi maybe your best bet is to contact chico and ask them. they should know which items are compatible with their products.

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