Mia Moda Stroller

mia moda stroller
reccomend a decent umbrella stroller?

it has to recline
has to be under 100 dollars

im stuck between the
mia moda facile
combi flare
chicco c6

do you have any experiance with any of these? would you reccomend one of them or a different brand in the right price range? ive asked a couple times and people are telling me expensive ones.

Any Maclaren umbrella stroller…the volo is the only one under $100 however. The next one up (the Triumph) is what I have…It was about $140…I love it – it has full recline (not just settings – I can choose almost any angle I want), it handles well, isn’t tippy, doesn’t feel like junk – like I feel a lot do. I’ve tried out others and the Maclaren I thought was the best in terms of how it handled…the chicco is OK compared to it I think…but since you do use an umbrella stroller for a while I think the Maclaren is worth it. You could look on Craigs List or something like that also for a used one…

Baby Gizmo Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller Review

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