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Friday, October 30th, 2009

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The Bugaboo Baby Stroller – Rolls Royce or a Hyped Celebrity Accessory?

The bugaboo baby stroller was an unknown brand a few years ago, but is now a quite common site on the streets, a bit eye striking with its peculiar look.

So can it live up to its rumour or is it just another costly status symbol?

Well, the parents using the bugaboo baby stroller swear it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and we have decided to take a look at the frog like stroller.

What can be noticed is that the designers sure are parents themselves, and that they have added features to it that they have missed on a stroller. There are some really smart things that has never been seen on a normal stroller before. The most obvious one is that you can move the seat or carrycot vertically; this means that you can set the seat in table-high position; very good if you are outside and wants to sit down to feed or communicate with your baby. Or your toddler can participate sitting with you at the table in a cafe or restaurant.

It’s also reversible from front to sideways(!) to back, so when the baby gets bigger and want to look at other things than mom and dad you can turn the seat around in one easy grip.

The Bugaboo stroller is said to be easy manoeuvred just about everywhere. So we tried; and yes, since it’s light weight and the swivel like wheel makes it really easy to turn and walk with in an busy environment, it was. We took it on the subway through the city in a horrible rush hour, and later on to the beach. It was peace of cake; especially the beach part impressed, we didn’t struggle hard at all to move it around in the sand.

Here are some other features we liked:

- The Carrycot is approved for use for overnight sleeping, good if you are on a trip.

- The Pushchair seat can be used as a seat on the floor or the ground as well.

- The handle bar is height adjustable.

-The under seat bag is bigger then before; good for shopping or storage.

-When the stroller is folded it takes up minimum space, it fits easily even in the smallest car.

-The seat frame is 2 inches longer so will accommodate a longer baby and taller child.

So was it something we didn’t like? Well, the price (about 900 $) was the bit that took a while to digest, but on the other hand this is really an investment, and you won’t need another stroller for as long as you need one.

Want to know more about it? For more info and purchase click and The Bugaboo Baby Stroller Site

About the Author

Beatrice Stephenson is a freelance writer on health and recreation issues.

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