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Travel Stroller

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

travel stroller
Travel system stroller VS buying car seat and stroller separate?

I’m just wondering..
Did you even use the car seat with the stroller?
If you did was it worth it?

How would I stroll my baby around when he’s really little little without it?

I’m just thinking it would be cheaper to buy them separately.
What do you think?

Ok… So i really think it depends on the situation :) The reason that I purchased the travel system is that I live an hour out of town and was thinking if bubby is sleeping all that way it would be great to not have to wake her up when we got to our destination. The only downfall I found with the travel system was that the carseat is only usable in the rearward facing position, and that it cannot be used for a baby over 9kg. As we have 2 vehicles anyhow we got the carseat for the travel system and another convertible carseat that is suitable ’til 18kg, So at least when bubby reaches the age where she is supposed to be in the forward facing position, we don’t need to rush out and buy one. In the travel system I got, the pram is a whole unit… with removable seat and the carseat is a whole unit also with a removable seat, to use the carseat in the stroller, you remove the attatched stroller seat and replace it with the carseat attatchment. To be honest I think it would be cheaper in the long run to buy them seperately, as you could get a 0-4 carseat in the first place. But, the travel system is really adorable :) and bubby can go undisturbed from car to stroller if snoozing :)

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