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Strollers For Twins

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

strollers for twins
which double stroller is best for 2 1/2 yr twins?

I really need to find a good stroller for my twins who are 2 1/2 I need something that will last not out grow in 6 months…What are some good double strollers for 2-4 year olds?
Thanks for your help

Personally, I would be looking at the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite Pro Double Stroller.

It has a maximum per seat weight of 120lbs, so up to 60lbs per child, and it has a great height limit. It means that your kids will probably be too tall for it before they hit its maximum weight!

Its a bit pricey, have it on sale for $699.99, $100 off plus a free all weather kit valued at $130

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